name Bandit Mountain

Tax: 50 (10%)

name Constantinopole

Tax: 0 (10%)

name Hotan

Tax: 136'501'200 (10%)

name Jangan

Tax: 10'272 (10%)

Game News & Updates
Patch notes v1.016

500m Gold has been awarded to bandit fotress. - Elixirs stacks increased to 2500 - All Awakening Proofs stacks increased to 2500 - All Enchancer stacks increased to 2500 - All ride pets (horses, etc) stacks increased to 2500 - All fellow pet potions stacks increased to 2500 - Normal pet potions stacks increased to 2500 - Normal potions / cures stacks increased to 2500 - Magic / Attribute stones & tablets stacks increased to 2500 - All alchemy materials stacks increased to 2500 - Many other item stacks increased to 2500 (recall scrolls, xp/sp boosters, etc) - Game instance renamed to Hells Kitchen.

Patch notes v1.015

Changes to the grind (new rates): - Experience ratio: 25x; - Gold Drop ratio: 15x; - Item Drop ratio: 20x; Updated shops: - Hotan stable merchant has many new fellow pets for sale. - All stable merchants have new horses available! - Grocery merchants now sell 10% and 5% lucky scrolls. - Potion merchants have learnt to create vigor grain (25%). [Shiroi Team]

Patch Notes v1.013

- D11-D14 Magic stones drop rate increased by 5x. - D11-D14 Attribute stones drop rate increased by 5x. (Above are applied globally, we will adjust per-monster drops next patch). - Fixed many missing quests (Job Temple, Jobbing and Baghdad & others). - Fixed D14 Legend talisman quest drops (Available at level 125 from King Sharyar - Baghdad).

Patch Notes v1.012

- Fixed D13 equipment properties. - D14 max int/str now caps to 15. - D15 max int/str now caps to 20. - Fixed Baghdad to Flaming Tree walk path. - Fortress war tax can now be applied. - Fortress war now twice a week - Wednesday 19:30 and Saturday 16:30 (GMT-0). - Adjusted Battle Arena start & announcing times. - Job temple required entry level requirement is now 105. - CTF is temporarily disabled (coming back next patch).

Server Maintenance

- Increased monster spawn count at specific areas where it seemed to be low. - Decreased monster spawn count at areas where it was too high. - Fixed item drop ratio tables. - Increased Giant monster spawn ratio. - Increased global item drop ratio. - Jupiter has the Chance to drop Egy Equip and Acc and Fellow Buffs 111-120. - Yuno has the Chance to drop Egy Equip. - Zielkiaxe got the Chance to drop Egy Acc and Egy Equip. - Babilion got the Chance to drop Egy Acc. - Baal got the Chance to drop Egy Acc. - Increased Coin reward from Job Tempel Uniques Neith, Selket, Anubis and Isis. [Shiroi Team]

Grand Opening

Shiroi is Live! Happy to see you here - enjoy the server, as always - be kind and nice to other players and be the best of the respectable Shiroi Community members. [Shiroi Administration]

Updated discord channel!

Dear players, We must let you know that our old discord is closed. We are using a new one here: Please re-join it and leave the old one. [Shiroi Team]

Vote daily for free rewards!

Dear players, We have activated vote for silk! Visit: You will receive 16 silks per vote automatically when completed. (above subject may change depending on vote site count increase). [Shiroi Team]

Patch notes v1.9

Following updates have been applied to game - 11 dg clean item drops enabled. - Enhancer stacks increased to 500 - Awaken stacks increased to 500 - 11 dg nova rates increased to 1.5x - Elixir stack increased to 100. - Guild recall scroll has been added in all Guild SMC. - Guild emblems are fixed. - All forgotten world uniques now drop SP scroll. - Astral & Immortal stones prices decreased. [Shiroi Team]

Welcome to Shiroi Online!

Hello Shiroi people We are happy to give the following notices. The beta period has ended. Stable version has been passed. Bug problems in the game have been eliminated. Server improvements have been made. [Shiroi Team]