name Bandit Mountain

Tax: 0 (10%)

name Constantinopole
Not Occupied

Tax: 0 (0%)

name Hotan

Tax: 653'685'234 (10%)

name Jangan

Tax: 9'421'177 (10%)

Game News & Updates
[19/10/2021]: Information regarding recently banned users and limitations.

We have decided to lift the 3 connections per person limitation - from now you are allowed to play a maximum of 8 accounts at a time (per person). This is due the way how time is moving forward - Silkroad Online community is getting pretty old recently and its moving forward so we re hardly trying to adapt. You will still get penalized with a permament ban and an ip ban in cases when you will attempt to play more accounts than specified limitation. We have also lifted the bans on the users who previously did fit the newly implemented rule. This means you can play you 8 char party and happy good days. [Shiroi Online]

[17/10/2021]: PATCH NOTES v23

- Quest experience rewards are increased to 25x at high levels - Quest experience rewards are increased by 30-70x at low-medium levels - Added 9D Lucky Powder to Hotan NPC - Added 10D Lucky Powder to Hotan NPC - Added HP grains to Hotan NPC - Added MP grains to Hotan NPC - Fixed all low-high gear equipment/weapons and accesories default stats - Fixed random lag issue coming from spawned uniques - Multiple proxy core improvements to provide better latency and bug handling

[10/10/2021]: WEB UPDATE #1

*Overal Activity* ranking will now consider players with more quests complete above others. - Vote for silk is now active and you will receive 3 silk per each vote casted every 12 hours.

[30/09/2021]: FILTER PATCH #1

Max plus value on Job and Normal Equipment has been increased to 30. In addition to the title achievements you will now receive silk per each boss monster kill. Hunting unique reward (per kill): - Demon Shaitan [7 Silk until Level 110]; - Roc [50 silk until level 130]; - Merich [10 silk until level 130]; - Khulood [10 silk until level 130]; - Karkadan [10 silk until level 130]; - Kidemonas [10 silk until level 130]; - Captain Ivy [3 silk until level 64]; - Tiger Girl [3 silk until level 64]; - Uruchi [3 silk until level 76]; - Isyutaru [5 silk until level 85]; - Medusa [45 silk until level 130]; - Lord Yarkan [7 silk until level 101]; - Cerberus [3 silk until level 76]; P.S. Remember that you are not alone here so please be fair to other players and remember that botting at unique monster spots will result in a permament ban without excuses and a way to recover your penalty.

[28/09/2021]: FILTER UPGRADE

We ve launcher the new traffic filter / proxy. - Our gameserver IP has changed to the new proxy IP. - If you happen to not be able to connect to our server via launcher please try flushing your DNS resolver cache by running following command at CMD: ipconfig /flushdns . - We re deeply sorry for any inconveniences that were caused due the time of the setup.

[18/09/2021]: GRAND OPENING!

SERVER IS NOW OPEN! Initial Configuration: - 10x Job Quest experience - 30x Quest gold reward - 20x Quest SP reward - 15X Exp ratio - 12x Item drop ratio - 7x Gold drop ratio - 2x Alchemy increase - All berserker titles available at start